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Our team of landscape architects are highly skilled professionals who work together to produce uncanny results and turn dreams into reality.

Edward E. Gripp

Edward E. Gripp

Education: B.S. Ornimental Horticulture, California State Polytechnic University, San Lius Obispo
Graduate School  City and Regional Planning, University of Southern California

Position: Chief Landscape Architect Thousand Oaks office, and co-founder of E.G.L.A.

Affiliations:Ventura County Water Consevation Comittee Member

Eric E. Gripp

Eric E. Gripp

Education: Master of Landscape Architecture, California State Polytechinic Universty, Pomona

B.A. Art California State University Northridge

Position: Chief Landscape Architect, San Diego Office, and co-founder of E.G.L.A.

Affiliations: City of Reno Ad Hoc Zoning Commitee Member